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WARNING: SMOKING KILLS. This wiki is meant for an adult audience, and is not meant to encourage smoking. If you don't smoke, don't start.

Welcome to the Cigarette History wiki!

Over the course of around five hundred years, smoking has come full circle, from being viewed as a disgusting habit by King James I of England, to reaching its zenith of social acceptability in the 20th century, to again being viewed as a health menace in today's society. Smoking is a filthy, expensive, deadly habit; but what cannot be denied is that it did help to define society back in its heyday.

This ambitious wiki is meant to track the history of the companies and brands which, with their colourful designs and slick advertising, helped to dupe a great portion of people into using their product. While it is, to start, focused on American and Canadian brands, it will be eventually expanded to cover the rest of the world.


To see manufacturers and brands by country, go to Country List.

To see manufacturers individually, go to Manufacturers' Index.

To see individual brands, go to Brand Listings.


  • C: Compact-sized (under 70 mm)
  • R: Regular-sized (70-75 mm)
  • KS: King-sized (80-85mm)
  • L: 100 mm (90-100mm)
  • XL: 120 mm (over 100 mm)
  • S: Soft pack
  • H: Hard Pack
  • B: Box

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